Raab Collection

Raab Collection Redesign

Company Durkan Group
Client Raab Collection
Role UX/UI, Production

You can view the site here


I've never been a history buff but...this is some neat stuff

The Raab Collection sells historical documents signed by influential figures including Einstein, Napoleon, Washington, Lincoln, Churchill and our Founding Fathers. They're more than just a seller; they're internationally-recognized experts focused on providing quality and authenticity to the most discerning document collectors. This redesign features a new visual design language and user flow that invokes a white glove-like feeling when experienced online.


While creating Raab Collection's site, I learned about their family, their craft, and I bettered myself as a designer. In addition to all of that it was near impossible to avoid picking up pieces of historical trivia along the way. Specifically when it came to the guide section of their site. My quizzo team would disagree, but I picked up a lot while finding a way to organize all of the information they had on historical figures. Their learning section is vast and beneficial and it deserved a design that was easy to navigate and user friendly.


You can view the guide here