Media One Products

Media One Products Redesign

Company Durkan Group
Client Media One Products
Role Art Direction, UX/UI

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Taking a little information and making it big 

Media One Products leverages the power of global broadcast television to tell brand stories and sell unique products both on-air and across multiple channel platforms. Working with the owner, Tom Czar was a real pleasure. I got to sit down with him and learn about his process, his goals, and his company's story. His enthusiasm and passion for what he does really inspired me.

Tom came to us requesting a site redesign. When I sat down with him he told me he had several case studies he wanted to be on his site in a big way. The problem was that the information for each case study was minimal and contained a few statistics, a quote, and information about how long they have been Tom's client. Because Tom wanted these case studies presented boldly, I came up with the solution of using a combination of visual elements, color, and movement to interest the viewer. For the viewer I wanted the information to be easily accessed, interpreted, and memorable.